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Privacy translucence?

Semantic and linked data technologies aim at supporting the integrated use and sense-making of distributed, heterogeneous information sources. Naturally, the most direct connection with privacy is to think of the possible issues: how data integration can be used to put together disconnected pieces of personal data, and sense-making to malevolently infer more private information from […]

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FOAF and Privacy

Previously, we had posted on how semantic technologies played an important role in mitigating privacy risks in both conventional software systems and semantic web applications. However, immaturity of semantic technologies means it can be easily exploited for nefarious gains. For example, Nasirifard et al. demonstrate how publicly available FOAF profiles allow spammers to send context-aware spam. […]

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Privacy issues in semantic web applications

While the uptake for semantics technologies continues albeit rather slowly, recent applications have thrown open new challenges, especially with regards to privacy and in this post we look at some interesting use-cases. SMART HOME: Werner Wilms and his team are developing a home automation middelware where they decouple sensors and actors from the applications using ontologies like […]

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Modelling privacy requirements with ontologies

An interesting aspect of semantic technologies is that they are better suited to address some of the challenges relating to privacy, especially to model and reason over domain knowledge relating to information-flows that threaten privacy of  users in ’conventional’ computer systems. By ‘conventional’ we mean all computer systems which primary focus is not Semantic Web. In […]

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