Understanding the way information is propagated and made visible on Facebook is a dicult task. The privacy settings and the rules that apply to individual items are reasonably straightforward. However, for the user to track all of the information that needs to be integrated and the inferences that can be made on their posts is complex, to the extent that it is almost impossible for any individual to achieve. epifabo is a prototype system investigating the use of knowledge modeling and reasoning techniques (including basic ontological representation, rules and epistemic logics) to make these inferences explicit to the user.
Our goal here is to show that semantics can support the privacy management, in systems where the privacy implications of information sharing are complex and difficult for a user to monitor without technological support. Amongst future plans are to integrate the model of Facebook with other sources of personal information sharing. Also, more sophisticated knowledge representation techniques could be used to deal with the complexity of online social situations, including uncertainty and di erent levels of epistemic knowledge of information. epifabo is currently in development and a demo version will be soon available, following the presentation at the ISWC 2013 conference.