Started in 2022, SemPrivacy now reaches over 200,000 readers a day

In our digitally interconnected world, protecting personal data and securing online lives is an ever-growing challenge. SemPrivacy provides a platform for researchers, developers and practitioners to investigate how semantic web and linked data technologies can both help address and amplify complex privacy and cybersecurity threats.

As data integration enables information sharing on an unprecedented scale, we lose control of how our personal data propagates through the web. Yet the same technologies that distribute data can also help us analyze information flows and regain control.

SemPrivacy aims to support users, developers and researchers in building meaningful data access models, understanding what happens to personal data across systems, and ultimately securing digital lives. By reflecting on the tensions between the promise and perils of semantic technologies for privacy, we can develop practical solutions for protecting personal data and securing identities in an online world where information spreads seamlessly. Join us as we explore the frontiers of privacy, cybersecurity and digital autonomy.